Español para Ingleses

Español para Ingleses pasosWhat is Pasos?

 A best-selling Spanish course for adult learners

Pasos 1 is the first part of the best-selling two-stage Spanish course for adult learners who are either starting from scratch or who have a basic knowledge of the language. Whether learning for work or pleasure, Pasos gives a thorough grounding in the language, enabling learners to speak, read, write and understand a language spoken by over 400 million people.

 What will I learn?

 Key language structures and communication

Pasos 1 introduces the key structures of the language over 14 thematic lessons with the emphasis placed firmly on communication. Authentic reading and listening materials are used extensively for a wide range of lively activities based on everyday situations in Spain and Latin America.

 Vocabulary and grammar

From the outset, a realistic range of registers and vocabulary encourage development of the essential skill of comprehension. Clear examples and explanations make the grammar easy to absorb, and emphasis is placed on the acquisition of a wide range of essential vocabulary from an early stage.

 Culture and skills for daily life

This edition takes account of developments in modern life, such as new technology and practical communication. Units begin with a Prepárate page of activities and include plenty of grammar tasks. The Rincón Cultural feature presents short texts of cultural interest and each unit ends with anAutoevaluación self-assessment checklist enabling students to review what they have learned. Audio track references on a page-by-page basis ensure that listening activities are easily identified and new online resources are a useful addition to this highly successful course.

 GCSE level material

Pasos 1 covers the skills and structures required at GCSE level and equivalent.

 How will I learn?

 Balance and variety

Balance and variety are prominent features of the Pasos course: freer activities accompany graded, accuracy-based tasks, and there is a balance between presentation and practice of new language items and between the study and use of grammar and vocabulary, the cornerstones of language-learning. There are regular opportunities for revision and consolidation, and vocabulary and grammar support are given both at the end of each lesson and in full at the end of the book