With Hard Work and Effort

You Can Achieve Almost Anything You Are Really Passionate About!

Take Alex, an aspiring software developer, who overcame coding challenges with relentless determination. His passion for technology drove him to success as a software engineer.

Then there’s Mia, a psychology student, who faced tough theories head-on. With unwavering dedication and a passion for helping others, she became a respected psychologist.

Passion, coupled with effort, leads to remarkable achievements. Embrace your passions, stay committed, and success will be within your reach!


A fully qualified teacher (QTS in 1987) in the UK, I was lucky enough to enjoy a varied career, predominatly teaching Computer Science and Mathematics & Statistics in Secondary Schools and FE Colleges. For much of this time, I was a 6th Form tutor (and FE Level 3 Programme Manager). In this role, I helped my students select the best HE options and assisted them with their UCAS applications.

In addition, I taught Functional English and prepared prospective HE students from outside the UK for their IELTs tests.

I left the UK in June 2017 and settled in Spain, teaching English on a freelance basis in Valencia and other towns closer to home in the Valencia region. I also provided professional TEFL training (CertTEFL) to suitably qualified EFL student teachers.

In 2023 I became a British Council accredited Agent, able to assist prspective students to select suitable HE Colleges, and help them with their University and Student Visa applications.